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Learn to Fly

Gliding is one of the most affordable forms of recreational aviation. There are a few initial expenses such as the Gliding Australia joining fee, the Club join fee and Club membership fee (charged pro rata throughout the year).

The flight fee is made up of the aerotow fee and glider hire. These vary depending on how high you take a launch and how long you are airborne. During the training phase you can budget roughly that each flight on average will be near $100.

This is a very cost effective way to fly, in comparison power flight training is 3 or 4 times this amount. Our fully qualified instructors are all volunteers and there is no instructional fee per se. Our gliding training is very well structured and all instructors are qualified and regularly revalidated.

Intensive short courses are available on request.

Learn to fly at Boonah Gliding Club
  • What is gliding?
    Gliders are solid fixed wing aircraft.
  • How do I start?
    You can come out to the Boonah Gliding Club on operational days and have a look around and meet the Members. If you have never flown in a glider before book an Air Experience Flight online to make sure Gliding is for you. If you join the Club this cost is subsumed into your joining fees.
  • How safe is gliding?
    All aviation sports carry a small risk of injury. There is an embedded culture of safety at Boonah Gliding Club and your safety is our top priority. Some apprehension is normal, but this decreases with experience and building confidence in the safety of the gliders, in your instructors and your own skills.
  • Will I get air sick?
    Some people do feel a bit airsick due to the turning that gliders must do to stay within thermals. This often abates with time. It is important to only eat a light meal prior to your flight, keep hydrated and stay cool with light coloured clothing and a hat.
  • Are there restrictions on who can glide?
    You must weigh under 110kg and reasonably able-bodied. Children over 10 years can come for a flight, but there is a minimum age of 15 years for the first solo.
  • Are my Instructors qualified?
    All our Instructors are fully qualified and have a prescribed level of minimum experience to be able to undertake introductory flights and gliding lessons.
  • How long does it take to learn to glide?
    It takes approximately 35-75 flights to be competent for solo. Once solo you progress through the A, B and C Certificates and then can be awarded your GPC (Glider Pilot Certificate). Of course, that is just the start of your adventure! You can then progress to be a cross country pilot, competition pilot, instructor, aerobatic pilot, or just enjoy leisurely Sunday flights around the airstrip.
  • Am I insured?
    All passengers and students must be a member of Gliding Australia to benefit from their group insurances. You make still need to consider your own TPD and life insurance (which must allow for recreational aviation hobby).
  • Who are Gliding Australia?
    Gliding Australia (formerly GFA) are the body that administer gliding on behalf of CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority). All glider pilots and passengers must be members of Gliding Australia. We will organise this for you when you arrive at the Club for your introductory flight. If you are definitely going to join Boonah Gliding Club, then you should go onto the GA website and join beforehand.
Gliding in Boonah
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