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Club Fees

BGC is fortunate to be located at Boonah Airfield, where we operate the whole year through.  We have some of the best seasonal soaring conditions in Australia.   As a member of our Club you now share our Club owned fleet of gliders.  This fleet includes 3 two-seater and 2 single seater gliders and 1 tow plane. 


There are two components to the cost of any glider flight – the launch and the glider hire.  The launch or “tow” is charged by the height of the tow. Therefore, the higher you go on launch the higher the cost. 

The glider hire is charged at different rates, dependant on the glider selected, and are charged by the minute.  Glider hire rates are available from the Duty Pilot.

Flying members of BGC must also have current membership with the Gliding Federation Australia (GFA). GFA regulates gliding on behalf of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and will provide you with a membership card and the magazine “Soaring Australia".

We offer a significant discount to young people (under 26 years).There is a large reduction in annual membership and glider hire is charged at 50% the full rate.

Enjoy flying in Boonah

Schedule of Fees

See below for our schedule of fees for Club Membership, glider hire, tug hire and Gliding Federation of Australia Membership. Fees subject to change without notice.

club membership

Fees are due annually, on the 30th June and mid-year memberships are prorated. Contact the Club for full details.

Joining Fee (One Off)               $115.00

Membership 12 Months           $359.00 per annum

Membership 12 Months           $80.00 per annum

(under 26 years) 

Flying Account Deposit            $150.00

3 Month Membership               Enquire

Call for details

gliding federation of australia fees

New Members must join and pay on the GFA website

Regular Membership                    $363.00

Youth/Student Membership         $188.00

3 Month Membership                   $188.00

glider hire

Prices detailed below are basic rates. For full rates please contact the Club direct.

ASK-21              $1.00 per minute

Twin Astir           $1.00 per minute

Astir CS              $0.78 per minute

Private Aircraft  By arrangement

tug Hire

Tow charges are based on the glider release altitude above airfield height. There is a minimum charge for tows up to 1000 feet, and then an additional charge for every 100 feet of climb beyond that. The Average tow cost is approximately $50.00.

Minimum Charge 1000 feet         $32.30

Every extra 100 feet                        $1.53

2000 feet tow                                 $47.60

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