Wave over Boonah – Flight Report, Sat 11 May

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As usual I was checking the BOM aviation weather forecast for the day and was interested to see written in the Graphical Area Forecast, ‘MTW below 7000’ (Mountain Wave). I then had a look at Skysight and sure enough wave was predicted over Boonah. Hmm, OK I thought, then checked RASP and you beauty, all three forecasts predicted wave over Boonah.

With the forecast of lower level wave overhead we were all pretty excited to see what the air was doing. The gliders were daily inspected asap then we gathered for morning brief. After the brief I decided it was prudent to use the topic ‘Mountain Wave flying’ as our guided discussion for the day.
First to fly was Stewart who took up our AEF in the ASK-21 and also acted as our feeler. He took a climb to 4000’ and subsequently reported back that the wave was working. The AEF had a great flight and was very excited when we spoke to him on the ground after his flight.
Fortunately the wind was aligned perfectly down 22 for most of the day, so the launches were relatively smooth. Syd did an awesome job of towing us up nicely to be able to contact the wave at around 2500-3000’.

Next up was Mike in his Pik-20 who contacted the wave overhead the quarry and climbed to 8500’ then moved down to Killarney and reported that he was at 10000’. Mike was up for just under 3 hrs.
Torsten took the single Astir up after Mike launched and also contacted the wave and had a challenging but fun flight for 2:08 hrs.
After Stewart came back Gav took Dale up for an instructional flight and after finding the wave, practised straight and level and gentle turns with Dale, all the while ascending. They were up for 55 mins.

After Gav came back I took Steven up for an instructional flight and as per Gav’s flight we practised straight and level and gentle turns in the wave.
As the afternoon progressed the wind started to abate as forecast and it became a little difficult to find the wave. However in saying that John was up in the single Astir for 1:14 hrs.

Now that Jake has his C certificate, he took a friend up in the ASK-21 for 22 mins.
Gav and I went up for a mutual to see if we could stay up for a while. Unfortunately the wave seemed to be dissipating and we struggled for our 29mins.
Jake then took the single Astir up for a hanger flight for 22mins.
Overall we had a great day and were all fortunate to be able to learn/hone our wave flying skills.
Thanks to Syd for towing all day.