Warwick XC Training Course

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BGC and WGC are hosting a joint week of gliding at Warwick Airfield running from April 13th to Monday 22nd. The event is open to members of both clubs. There will opportunities for ab-initio training, aerobatics and cross-country coaching. We will have use of two Twin Astirs, ASK21 BGE, Single Discus GWA and possibly the PW6 so can cater for all members needs.

The syllabus will include:

  • Cross-country briefings and setting safe local tasks to simulate regatta or competition conditions.
  • Dual flying with instructors to experience and practice cross-country planning and flying skills.
  • Theory talks and flight analyses each evening.
  • Advanced aerobatic training with highly qualified Instructors. (only available Monday to Friday)
  • Ab-initio training over as many days as possible to rapidly advance flying training and maybe go solo.

Warwick Gliding Club has excellent camping and bunkhouse facilities at a modest charge per night. The Clubhouse has a well-stocked bar, refrigerators and great kitchen facilities for self-catering. There will be evening BBQs over the long weekend.

Aerotow and flying fees for Warwick aircraft will be at Warwick Club rates and billed by the Boonah Treasurer to your flying account. P2s pay for all cross-country flights but fees are capped at 2 hours (and they can negotiate with P1 to share costs if appropriate).

This is a fantastic opportunity and we encourage you to participate and make it a success. Come for a few days or as long as you can get away for. To register your interest, fill out the form below and we will respond to participants confirming available dates.

If you want further information or have a question, send John Tucker an email onĀ [email protected].

We hope to see you there for a superb week of safe and fun gliding and learning!