Warwick Training Week Report

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Our Boonah/Warwick Gliding Week was a great success. All participants reported having fun but also learnt invaluable skills and made giants leaps forward with their gliding. UIY and BGE were aerotowed over to Warwick which was great fun but also valuable experience for the pilots.


CUs - but not easy to work and watch those showers!

WUN came up in the trailer thanks to Paul Dale and Mike Iveson. We also were also able to fly Warwick’s Twin IKX. With WWP staying for the week as well we had the whole BGC fleet at Warwick! Unfortunately, the weather didn’t oblige for long cross-country flights, but local flying was excellent and with short Xcountry flights possible basic XCountry skills were able to be taught. Each day started with a briefing incorporating operations, weather, tasks and some focussed tuition. At the end of the days debriefs were undertaken over a cold beer and a BBQ.


Flying WWP home

Thursday was the pick of the week with good CUs and cloud base of 7000ft. Thermals were a little broken up, but workable and longer flights were possible (IKX 195km and UIY 140km). By Friday the wind had picked up and the conditions weren’t flyable. Unfortunately, this meant we also could not aerotow gliders back over the range! A big thanks to Brian Gilby for working out how to use IKX’s vintage open trailer and making it possible to get UIY back to Boonah in time for weekend operations. His journey back to Warwick with the empty trailer was eventful with 2 tyre blowouts!There is already talk of another Warwick week in the Spring (probably October) with Erich Wittstock and Sid Dekker already signalling their involvement.

John Tucker
El Presidente BGC


Gilby’s done it -let’s get to Boonah before the tyres blow!

Standout achievements:

  • Off checks - Jeremy Thompson
  • B Certificate - Cassie Cole
  • C Certificate - Jake Vanderrol
  • Basic Cross-Country endorsement - Nathan Cornwell
  • AFR and Currency - Paul Dale
  • Tow Pilot Re-endorsement -  Michael McLachlan
“Warwick was fun! I found the daily briefing followed by the preparation of the gliders of great value.”
Grant Kelly
“My highlight was the simulated out-landing at an unfamiliar airstrip using a right-hand circuit.”
Jeremy Thompson
“The opportunity to fly with different instructors Cross-Country was invaluable - I got to see different techniques and ideas.”
Nathan Cornwall

I would like to thank all those involved for making this a special week:

  • Val and the other Warwick tuggies.
  • Warwick Gliding Club for the use of their fantastic facilities.
  • Doug Brooks and Rod Peachy for aerotowing BGE to Warwick on Sunday.
  • Instructors Tim Burgess, Stewart Campbell, Denis Nolan, Mike Ridge, MM and Brian Gilby.
  • Matt Sternberg for his awesome steaks, fish and general culinary skills.