Thank you from Denis

Updated: Mar 28

This is to say a very big thank you to some friends in high places, pilots.

On Feb 28 the Brisbane river flooded and entered my home. Not as bad as 2011 but nonetheless traumatic. Despite reassurances from our great political leaders and experts that the water would only make it to the front yard garden, we decided to make our own guess that it might get a bit higher and spent that night moving everything we could carry up-stairs. Pat and I then made our exit at 2am and stayed the night at Gary’s house returning the next day to find about 600mm of water in our lower floors.

Now for the good part.

The water had only just left our street when help arrived. Glider pilots from three different clubs

Gary McMahon, DDSC

Greg Beecham, Boonah

Steve Griffin, Boonah and Warwick along with his wife Trish

Peter Plunket Warwick

They had come well prepared with all the necessary tools and got stuck into a long day of very hard work. By the time they had finished we had an almost livable house again and two days later we were once again living at home.

It is a very special feeling to know we belong to a community full of caring people.

Denis Nolan – President Warwick Gliding.

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