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Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Boonah Gliding Club COVID19 Infection Control SAFETY PLAN Summary

The Duty Instructor is responsible for giving (or delegating to a competent person) a briefing on the COVID Safety Plan at each Daily Briefing.

There is an attendance register that must be completed by all members and visitors.

The Plan Summary will be posted up around the Clubhouse and promulgated on the BGC website with a link to the Full COVID Safety Plan.

Gliders (and Tug)

The P1 of the last flight is responsible for ensuring the glider is disinfected for the next crew.

After each flight, the glider is to be pushed offline and the COVID CLEANING KIT brought out to the aircraft. Antiseptic wipes are to be used for the microphone,stick, airbrake handle, trim, gear control, avionic instrument knobs, canopy handles and cockpit sides. For the harnesses, seats and parachute cover and straps spray the soapy water lightly onto a disposable cloth provided and wipe down. Do not spray chemicals directly into the cockpit.

Social distancing

Try and maintain 1.5m from others. No gatherings of more than 10 people.

Hand hygiene

Use the hand sanitisers provided regularly throughout your day at the Club, especially on arrival.


Use the detergent spray provided to wipe down, with toilet paper, handles, taps, toilet seat and rim and then spray the bowl (in that order!) before and after use. Use the soap and hot water provided for diligent hand washing and dry with disposable paper towels.


The Duty Pilot is responsible for organising a spray and wipe down of surfaces every 2 hours during the day. These must include, but not limited to, door handles and edges, tables, telephones, kettle, and kitchen benchtop.

Fuel Bowser.

The Tug Pilot is to use the wipes provided to wipe down the bowser handle and any other surface contacted before and after refueling.


Visitors can still be engaged and invited to look around. They must have their attention drawn at the outset to this Safety Plan and agree to adhere to it.

Edition 4 Valid from 22nd August indefinitely

Boonah Gliding Club Covid-19 Plan
COVID-19 Plan

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